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About Us

Adloc8tor is an integrated disruptive solutions company that provides tailor made marketing solutions through leading innovative technologies at competitive prices, aimed at delivering measurable return on investment and is redefining the digital marketing industry.

Adloc8tor identifies an ethos focused on innovation and clientele satisfaction, through a systemic thinking process that enables combined individualism to generate, develop and implement holistic radical and credible disruptive solutions that will not only tick the boxes but also re-define the industry of disruptive marketing and branding.


We strive to maintain healthy customer relationships whilst developing sustainable disruptive marketing solutions that encompass simplicity and innovation to push brands to reach their highest potential.

Our Team

With over half a century of expertise and dedicated experience within the technology and emerging market sectors, Adloc8tor has a core team of dedicated software developers, field service teams, R & D teams, Marketing and Design experts with the necessary experience and skill set to ensure the effectiveness of your next advertising campaign.

With 25 years' experience in Wireless communications solutions, Geo fencing and content tracking technologies and software, the unique blend of convergence technologies created by Adloc8tor provides an innovative and progressive approach to media placement and advertising with a core focus on the quantifying of these results.


Adloc8tor offers multiple disruptive marketing solutions that cater for various business needs, creating true differentiation through advertising, consumer engagement, audience analytics, branding and design.



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TEL: 031 764 0702

5 Abrey Road, Kloof
Abrey Eco Park
Suites 6/7/8 Coral House


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